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Nyx: Revolutionizing Flight Dynamics

Blazing fast from mission concept to operations, and automation

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Add Nyx to your current Python environment:

pip install nyx_space

Add Nyx to your Rust project:

cargo add nyx_space

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Empowering flight dynamics engineers

Powerful, open-source tools for mission design and analysis

As a flight dynamics engineer, you need to plan maneuvers, analyze spacecraft trajectories, and quickly turn around orbit determination solutions. Most options are proprietary, clunky, expensive, and slow.

Nyx is different.

  • Trajectory planning - Targeting and optimization, low thrust or not
  • Orbit determination - Gauss Markov noise models, and state-of-the-art autodiff for all orbital dynamics
  • Interoperable - uses CCSDS standards and open formats (parquet, yaml)
  • Free and open-source - no expensive licenses
  • Analysis - plots are finally interactive
Plotting some residuals (dots dots dots!)

Built for speed, automation and scalability

Simulate more, faster, from your desktop to the cloud

Nyx was built from the ground up to leverage advancements in computer science for space mission design. Our focus on performance, automation, and cloud/HPC-readiness provide insights for any operational scenario.

Unlock the future.

  • Simulate and analyze thousands spacecraft in high-fidelity in mere seconds on a standard desktop
  • Automate repetitive tasks like report generation, data processing, and off-nominal simulation
  • Python API for easy integration into your automated pipelines and workflows
  • Deploy across architectures from a laptop to the cloud for massive scaling

Simulation of ten thousand spacecraft in high-fidelity in 90 seconds on a standard desktop (gravity of Earth, Moon, Sun, and Earth spherical harmonics of 12x12)

Nyx: 90 seconds
GMAT: > 1 hour
ANSYS STK: > 1 hour + $$$

Reliable, tested and documented

Mission-critical reliability through transparency and rigor

Nyx provides a robust astrodynamics library tested against real-world scenarios and well documented to support your mission from planning to operations. You can also discuss solutions directly with the community.

No more obsolete documentation

  • Documentation uses the proven Di├ítaxis method to orient users
  • Hundreds of tests validate calculations, methods and outputs
  • Approachable syntax and interactive visuals foster understanding
  • Lower risk through transparent verification and validation