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Nyx Space: Revolutionizing Flight Dynamics

Blazing fast open-source tools from mission concept to operations, analysis, and automation

Nyx: Comprehensive Spaceflight Dynamics

Empowering flight dynamics engineers with open-source software

Nyx is revolutionizing the field of flight dynamics engineering as a powerful, open-source tool for mission design and orbit determination. From trajectory optimization to orbit estimation, Nyx is built for speed, automation, and scalability. It dramatically reduces simulation time compared to commercial products, and integrates seamlessly into automated workflows across various platforms. Nyx has proven mission-critical reliability, already contributing to the success of three lunar missions.

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Hifitime: Precision Time Management

Advanced library for time systems conversions (UTC, ET, TAI, ...)

Space applications require high fidelity time compution, including time systems that ignore the relativistic effects due to the gravity of the Earth. Hifitime is formally verified, thoroughly tested, and works on desktop, web assembly, and bare-metal platforms. Hifitime is arguably the most precise time management library in the world and trusted by institutions that require nanosecond precision.

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ANISE: Simplifying Space Mission Analysis

Modern rewrite of NASA's SPICE toolkit

NASA's SPICE toolkit marked a significant advancement in space mission analysis. However, its FORTRAN foundation, complex API, and incompatibility with multi-threaded applications limits its scope. ANISE is a complete rewrite of SPICE, offering a user-friendly API and bindings to Rust, C++, and Python. Designed with thread- and memory-safety as a core feature from the outset, ANISE is a significant step forward in space mission software."

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

See who's already benefiting from our tools

Our tools are trusted and actively used by leading companies in the aerospace and technology sectors. Their commitment to using Nyx, Hifitime, and ANISE is a testament to the reliability, efficiency, and advanced capabilities of our software.

  • Advanced Space LLC
  • Amazon Web Services
  • CNRS (Femto-ST)
  • Firefly Space
  • Murchison Widefield Array
  • Rocketlab USA
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